How Important Are Furniture Pads?


Furniture Pads and Blankets are Important for Moving

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Furniture pads, furniture pads, furniture pads! Far too few of our customers take our advice about the importance of furniture pads during a self service move. Let's be clear, quality furniture pads/quilts are one of the most important pieces of a successful move and should be regarded as a top priority. Ironically, most customers spend thousands of dollars to relocate their household goods but skimp on furniture pad rental which in many cases is a mere $15-$20 per dozen.

Anyone who decides to utilize a truck rental as their method of transportation has no excuse for not acquiring enough pads. Both Penske Truck Rental and U-Haul rent furniture pads for $15/dozen, a very reasonable price. Budget Truck Rental rents their furniture pads for $25/dozen, while more expensive the price is still fractional when compared to the total cost of your move.

For our PODS and ABF U-Pack customers we have a little bit of sympathy, this is because neither company rents furniture pads which requires you to purchase them. We will be the first to admit that purchasing furniture pads is expensive and should be avoided if at all possible, but the procurement of pads is still necessary for a successful and damage free move.

There are many options when it comes to furniture protection, from paper pads to furniture quilts and everything in between. Visit our moving supply store for a variety of options and affordable deals. All orders include free shipping!

How Many Furniture Pads Are Required?

Every move will have unique requirements that may increase or decrease the quantity of pads required. The best formula we can provide is one dozen pads for every 5' of space; if you are unsure remember that more is always better than less. Modifications to this formula should be made in the following situations:

  • MORE: When utilizing ABF U-Pack trailers. As discussed in a previous post about ABF trailers, the probability for damage is greatly increased due to their spring ride suspension.
  • MORE: If your household goods contain mostly furniture, especially antique and dark wood.
  • MORE: If you will be completing a long distance move which will require your household items to be moved more than 350 miles.
  • MORE: When you have a lot of glass, fragile items, mirrors and similar.

Alternatives to Furniture Pads

If you cannot rent furniture pads or do not have the budget to purchase them you do have other options. Let us disclaim that these are alternatives and not a cheaper substitute for furniture pads.

  • Paper Pads: Three-ply sheets of paper, these "pads" are used often for international container loads and are usually the first choice when furniture pads are unavailable. Although they can be found in U-Haul and moving supply stores they are usually much cheaper from when purchased online. Visit our moving supply store to view our current promotions.
  • Cardboard: By breaking down cardboard boxes and using them to cover furniture you can provide adequate protection. Depending on the size of your move you may need quite a few boxes but it will work. Make sure you also have a razor blade, shrink wrap and tape to ensure the boxes stay put once placed.
  • Blankets & Towels: When you are really in a pinch you can take refuge in your linen closet. Although most of these items will end up dirty at your destination they will work as a last resort. Use larger blankets and thick towels for the most important pieces.

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