Top 10 Cities with the Fastest Growing Wage Increases


Since the recession began in 2008 it seems like most news has been negative, especially when related to the economy, housing or employment. This week however, the Payscale Index released the top 10 cities which experienced the largest increase in wage growth in the private sector. The report notes that the rankings are based on the fourth quarter of 2010 through the fourth quarter of 2011.

After reviewing the numbers we are delighted to see such diversity in the rankings. No single state, region or metropolitan area is represented more than once which suggests that the entire economy could be experiencing a recovery.

RankLocation2010 Q4 Payscale Index2011 Q4 Payscale Index% Change
1 Houston, TX
106.0 108.3 2.2%
2 Miami, FL
102.5 104.4 1.8%
3 Chicago, IL
102.5 104.2 1.7%
4 Washington, D.C.
105.0 106.8 1.7%
5 Seattle, WA
105.9 107.5 1.6%
6 San Francisco, CA
103.1 104.5 1.4%
7 St. Louis, MO
104.3 105.8 1.4%
8 Philadelphia, PA
104.8 106.2 1.3%
9 Atlanta, GA
102.1 103.5 1.3%
10 San Diego, CA
103.7 104.9 1.2%

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