How to Find Affordable and Reusable Moving Boxes and Moving Supplies


Affordable and Reusable Moving SuppliesIf you have started to plan a move you may have a lot of unanswered questions. At least one of those questions is likely about moving boxes and supplies - Where do you purchase them and which companies have the best deal? Luckily for you, we are not like 99% of other relocation companies and we will not redirect you to an overpriced moving supply website just to earn a few bucks. Instead, we put far more emphasis on helping you solve two very urgent issues:

  • First, how do you locate the best priced moving supplies in your area?
  • Secondly, how can you produce as little waste as possible in the process?

After all, boxes are cardboard and they do contribute greatly to our environmental impact. Don't worry though, this is not a blog about green moving solutions, instead it's about saving money on moving supplies and reducing environmental impact as an added benefit.

Plastic = Reusable

Plastic Boxes for MovingThe average person moves once every seven years, if that is correct you may not know about a lot of new innovations in the relocation and moving industry. Plastic bins have become incredibly popular over the last few years specifically for moving and storage. They offer a bunch of great benefits: affordable, stackable, easy to obtain, reusable and far more convenient than traditional cardboard boxes. Even better, when you have completed your move you can usually stack the unused bins inside of each other to save on space until the next time you move.

The surge in popularity of plastic moving boxes was driven by an innovative moving supply company that delivers and rents these bins. What a great idea right? Although these types of companies are popping up all over the US and Canada, none currently have the capacity to provide this service for long distance moves. So if you are moving long distance and are interested in plastic boxes you will need to head over to your local Sam's Club or Wal Mart and purchase them. However, if you're moving locally in many large cities you may be able to rent the plastic moving boxes and have them delivered and picked up (Read more about plastic moving boxes for local moves). As we mentioned already there are quite a few companies that provide this service but our favorite is BungoBox. You can read more about them and receive a promotional code by visiting our discounts section.

Used Cardboard Moving Boxes

If plastic moving bins are not for you then you can always go with traditional cardboard. You can get the best price on moving supplies by purchasing used cardboard boxes, there are many new and innovative companies that sell exclusively used materials. For example, in Washington D.C. you could use Rent Our Boxes which similar to BungoBox, delivers used moving supplies to your home. A similar service in Tampa, Florida called Boxes on Wheels is another example.

Another great way to get used moving boxes and supplies is to visit BoxCycle. Their concept is simple, match people who have used moving boxes with those seeking them. The website is a clearing house which acts as an intermediary in the process and has listings for boxes nationwide.

Read another moving guide about used moving boxes, "How to Find Cheap or Free Moving Boxes".

Avoid wardrobe boxesAvoiding Unnecessary Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are typically the most expensive type of box for the average household. They're big, bulky and completely unnecessary (most of the time). Instead of spending $15 for each wardrobe box try our rather cool workaround, it's easy and inexpensive. Check out this money saving moving tip on YouTube.

New Cardboard Moving Boxes

If your relocation situation requires you to purchase new moving boxes you can still find them for relatively cheap, assuming you live in a decent sized metropolitan area. It's important to remember that although Lowe's, Home Depot and U-Haul are convenient they are also retail establishments. Most metropolitan areas have wholesale companies and manufacturers that sell moving boxes and supplies. While the best prices are available for volume purchases (e.g. business accounts), you can still save a lot of money by purchasing your supplies from them without the volume discount. We have provided a list of known wholesale supply companies in popular markets below for your convenience.

If you must have new moving boxes you should visit our online moving supply store, all purchases include free shipping!

CompanyCity/StateMetropolitan AreaPhone Number
Willard Packaging Gaithersburg, MD Washington DC 301-948-7700
Pack it Right Clearwater, FL Tampa/St Petersburg 727-489-3467
M. Mallinger Company Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh 412-242-4555
AmeriPak Bloomfield, CT Hartford, CT / Springfield, MA 860-243-5005


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Its always good to go green...Traditional moving supplies are harmful to the environment and time consuming to organize.