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Although U-Haul® is the largest truck rental company in the United States, we do not recommend them. Perhaps it's pure statistics, the larger the company the more opportunities for failure or perhaps it's their continually poor track record. Either way, whenever possible we recommend using Budget Truck Rental® or Penske Truck Rental®. Because we like to provide as much information as possible, we have provided a brief overview of the pro's and con's regarding U-Haul®.

  • If you are moving in a rural area you may not have a Penske or Budget Truck, but you likely have a U-Haul®. Not only do they have the most trucks, they also have the most locations. This is a major advantage and one reason so many people continue to utilize U-Haul®.
  • About a year ago we put together a "U-Haul Advisory" which at the time provided numerous sources of media investigations into their trucks and subsequently, their mechanical and safety failures. Since we released that article they have made efforts to release new fleets of trucks to replace the older ones.
  • Their customer service at many locations is not so great. This of course depends on the location, but our continual feedback from customers suggests that they have a greater issue with customer service than the other truck rental companies.
  • One thing that we do like about U-Haul® is their moving supplies. They are the only truck rental company that stocks their corporate stores with a large quantity and selection of moving supplies, and they are generally affordable. When our crews require supplies on the run we will generally run into a U-Haul® location.
  • U-Haul® is also the only company with tow behind trailers. If you have a vehicle with towing capacity and only need to move a small amount of items this would certainly be beneficial to you.

Regardless of which truck rental company you ultimately choose you may want to consider our moving labor services. Our movers take the stress out of your move by quickly and efficiently loading and unloading.

How long will my move take?

The information below is provided to help you plan accordingly for your move. These figures are averages based on data from over 15,000 completed moves.

U-Haul® Truck SizeLoadUnloadCrew Size
2 Hours
1.25 Hours
2 Movers
3 Hours
2.25 Hours
2 Movers
3.75 Hours
3 Hours
2 Movers
4.25 Hours
3.25 Hours
2 Movers
3.75 Hours
3 Hours
3 Movers
4.25 Hours
3.5 Hours
3 Movers

Completion times are based on our average historic data for the specific sizes listed. They are based on ranch homes, single family homes and town homes with good access conditions. Every move is different and your total load or unload time may be more or less.

Movers to Load or Unload U-Haul® Trucks

Now that you have your rental truck or freight truck reserved you may want to hire professional movers to help with the loading and unloading process. Moving household items to/from a rental truck or freight truck is a physically demanding task and usually requires expertise, especially when packing and loading. Our movers are licensed and insured and know how to load/unload moving trucks for local and long distance relocation.

  • Expert movers maximize your total space by efficiently loading the truck.
  • We balance the load to ensure it is safe for transportation.
  • Free assembly/dis-assembly of standard household items.
  • We wrap furniture with pads for protection during the move.

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